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However, something just “clicked”
                    while listening to your program for
                    just two weeks! My life changed
                    forever and I can now manifest
                    anything I desire. Thank you for
                    helping me to focus my life in the
                    right direction.”

                    -- Kirk Fowler – Las Vegas, Nevada

             What Kirk now has, is what I want for you too: I want you to have
             anything you desire.

                     Before The Gurus… Before The Secret…
                                Before The Internet…

             Since “The Secret” was published, dozens of
             manifestation “experts” and “gurus” have shown up on the scene.

             Everyone is cashing in on promoting the Law of Attraction.

             I think it is important for you to consider I have been teaching the
             Law of Attraction and manifestation for over 30 years.

             What that means to you is that for more than a quarter century,
             I’ve been helping people just like you get what they want, when
             they want it.

             This is not a way for me to make a fast buck.

             This is my life… my calling.

             I have written fifteen books on different aspects of manifestation,
             the Law of Attraction and personal development. I’ve been
             published, in real books – not self-published e-books - since the
             early eighties.

             Here’s a screen shot from Amazon…
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