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what you want.

             Listen, I’ve been studying this for the last 30 years and I can tell
             you science is teaching us more and more every day about the
             relationship between our conscious and subconscious minds.

             That’s why it is critical that whomever you decide to get your
             manifestation and self-improvement ideas from knows how to
             apply this tidal wave of new information.

             You must choose a teacher that can separate scientific fact from
             scientific opinion. You need someone, like me, who gets excited
             about combing through page after page of scientific studies and
             journals for any little insights that others might miss.

             Just sharing these ideas with you gets me excited. There’s so
             much more I want to share with you...

                    It was like someone hitting you on the
                    head with a two-by-four!

                    "When I first listened to the Secret
                    of Deliberate Creation, I could not
                    believe what I was hearing. It was
                    like someone hitting you on the head
                    with a two-by-four! I learned more
                    from this program than all the self-
                    improvement stuff I have ever read or

                    - Tom Console, Scottsdale AZ

                    Something just “clicked”...

                    “I purchased your Secret of Deliberate
                    Creation out of frustration because
                    none of the other self-help material I
                    purchased over years gets results.
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