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2. Conscious and Subconscious Alignment

             Your Conscious desires and your Subconscious intentions MUST
             be in alignment.

             If your Conscious Mind wants one thing and your Subconscious
             Mind wants something else (counter-intention) it is impossible to
             create what you want.

             Sure, you can temporarily trick yourself into getting something
             while you are out of alignment, but in the end it never lasts.

             For instance...

             Maybe you get a new job but soon you’re right back where you
             were before –barely scraping by and miserable.

             Or maybe you stumble into some money or even create some
             money through a side business. But soon it too disappears. You
             chalk it up to the cliché: “easy come easy go.”

             And I’m here to tell you, that’s a lie!

             The truth is, it’s just as easy to keep whatever you get once you
             are in alignment.

             Doesn’t this idea of alignment explain a lot of the ups and downs
             in your life? Now if you're like most people, at this point you're
             thinking, 'that's great, but HOW do I get in alignment?' And the
             answer is simple.

             You need to uncover and release the unconscious obstacles
             and habitual patterns that hold you back from creating the life you
             desire AND...

             The Secret of Deliberate Creation is designed to do this for you.

             Plus, as I promised, you will have your results “certified” in a very
             tangible way that cannot be questioned.
             The Secret of Deliberate Creation collapses the limiting beliefs
             and unconscious habitual patterns that stand between you and
             what you want.
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