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             your life by DEFAULT.

             Did you know that the natural state of nature is decay?

             It's true. If you do nothing, eventually, you begin to decay.
             Actually, from day one, we begin the process of dying even as we
             are growing.

             By doing nothing, you live under that default principle of decay.

             However, by being deliberate, you take control and prolong your
             growth and prosperity phase exponentially.

             And here’s the bottom line…

                    You Cannot Achieve Success by Slapping
                    Positive Thoughts on Top of a Lifetime of
                                Empty Expectations...

             You may have been led to believe that all you have to do to
             "manifest your dreams" is to set your intention, send out positive
             thoughts, and believe the Universe will magically provide it for
             You’ve been told to keep repeating this process, over and over
             again until the manifestation has happened.

             Well, it’s time someone finally shot straight with you...

             If you approach manifesting the way most of these “experts”
             tell you to, then you will be very disappointed.

             Let me be even more blunt...

             Books and programs like the “Secret” are insufficient. Period.

             While it IS important to set your intention, think positively and
             have strong belief, this only represents a PART of what you must
             do to deliberately create the things you desire.

             Listen, it’s no secret that 95% of all “Self-Improvement” efforts fail.
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